Who We Affect

Exploring Families

  • Are invited to see how they can contribute to the community and how the community can support them.

  • Include support people of those with developmental disabilities as well as broader community members.

  • Attend our bi-monthly meetings for support and information.

  • Share experiences and learnings beneficial for our adult children.

Engaged Members

  • Use and build upon the Community network.

  • Volunteer your experience and energy to help in a small or larger capacity.

Support Agencies

  • Our approach spans three pillars - Social, Home and Resources.  Support Agencies are companies, agencies, schools, churches and other organizations that provide support through financial aid, services in kind and personnel.

  • In addition to funding, Support Agencies may provide free or discounted social activities, program material or staff access. Any support helps us meet our goals.

Volunteers / Families

  • You do not need to have a family member with a developmental disability to volunteer with The Community Oak Park.  We have been blessed with a number of committed friends or colleagues who are investing their time, knowledge and connections to help us grow. Many hands make light work.

Individuals with a Developmental Disability

  • Our family members with varying degrees of support, needs and offerings are the core of The Community Oak Park’s focus.

 Their profiles can be diverse:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Down Syndrome

  • Acquired Brain Injuries

  • Mild to profound intellectual disabilities

  • Multi-diagnosed with hearing, speech, mobility and cognitive challenges