Become a Partner or a Volunteer!

Interested in getting involved with The Community Oak Park? We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers or partners to join our team. Here are the many ways in which you can help:


  • Financial Support
    Our team is driven by passion for the cause. The Community Oak Park spends a great deal of time seeking funding and sponsorship for many of our organized programs.

  • Services
    Many of our partners have services specifically supporting our vision and goals. This may include sports industries, movie theatres, restaurants, entertainment. 

  • Valued Roles
    Individuals with developmental disabilities make hard working, determined employees or contributing members of teams depending on their skills and passions. You can open doors for positive experiences for individuals and organizations.

  • Informational Resources
    The members of our community of all abilities are open to learning from one another. Share the wealth at our meetings or a workshop!

Looking to get involved?

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